Sharing some of the School of Monsters books that I have personally read and love them for their storylines:

Jem’s Big Idea

Jem is a monster on wheels. Her friends help her to go up the stairs, Despite being known for speed and strength, Jem faces a challenge when it comes to hide and seek because her wheels make it difficult to access to certain places. This story emphasizes the importance of friendship and teamwork, as well as embracing and accommodating each other’s unique abilities and limitations.

Luna Boo Has Feelings Too

Unlike other ghosts, Luna is quiet. Her quiet nature often leads people to forget about her and leave her out. One day, Luna became upset after not being given a turn on the slide. She suddenly turns red and scares everyone around her. Turns out, Luna’s friend, Mary, had cast a spell on her to help her express her emotions. The story highlights the importance of expressing our emotions in healthy ways.

Frank is a Big Help

Monsters come in different size and shapes and Frank is the biggest and tallest of them all. Due to his size and strength, Frank often finds himself feeling clumsy and struggling to perform tasks that others can easily do in class. Feeling like he doesn’t fit in, Frank feels sad. However, the school gardener assigns him tasks that are perfectly suited for his size. The story highlights the idea that everyone has their own unique qualities. By discovering our own strengths and finding the right place and tasks that suit us, we can truly thrive and make meaningful contributions.

Bat-Boy Tim says Boo!

Bat-Boy Tim loves to play with his friend, but he often finds himself getting in the way. His friends became frustrated, and they ask him to go away, not wanting to play with him anymore. Tim reflects on his actions and behavior and apologize to his friends. The story emphasizes the importance of respecting boundaries and considering the feelings of others while playing. It teaches readers that everyone should have the opportunity to have fun and enjoy themselves, and that being mindful of others’ feelings contributes to a positive and inclusive play experience.

Pete’s Big Feet

The monsters decided to have a race today, and Pete was feeling doubtful about his own feet. He believed they were too large and not meant for running. The last time he ran, he fell and cried out of embarrassment. Feeling discouraged, Pete decided to sit by the tree. However, when he heard Jamie crying out for help after fallen into a well, Pete uses his long legs and big feet to save Jamie. The story highlights the value of embracing our unique qualities and recognizing that they can be valuable in different situations.