CLIPS Supplementary Readers

MC is offering our group a 50% discount on the CLIPS Supplementary Readers, extending a promotion that is similar to the recent closure sale at Tiong Bahru Popular.

I have limited stocks for the complete set available for both Level 1 and 2. Those stocks will be available only via FFF, link to purchase will be announced after the sharing session. Additionally, there will be individual titles remaining from each level to choose from. The CLIPS readers’ contract is expiring soon, and once the books are sold out, there will be no reprints available.

Behaviour Matters by Sue Graves

Using animals to illustrate certain behaviours that children can recognise in their daily lives, the animals soon discover what happens if they continue with their behaviours/actions. What I really like about these books is that instead of telling the children what they should or should not do. They want the children to think about what they should do to ‘make things right’ and encourage them.