Billie B Brown is another highly recommended early chapter book series. Billie and Jack are best friends who make appearances in each other’s books.

Like the Hey Jack! series, Billie B Brown are designed for children who are ready to tackle more challenging reads before diving into traditional chapter books

The Billie B Brown series is slightly more difficult than Hey Jack!, but it still maintains a book length of no more than 50 pages, with no more than 50 words per page and illustrations.

Billie represents the diverse interests of young girls. Besides the love for ballet and ponies, Billie also loves soccer. Just like her friend Jack, Billie is discovering the importance of self-belief. Together, they navigate through various situations and learn valuable life lessons.

In “The Bad Butterfly”

Billie has a deep passion for ballet and dreams of becoming a ballerina.

She tried her best to dance gracefully, but her attempts resulted in accidentally bumping into others. Feeling discouraged, Billie told Jack that she struggles to dance. Jack suggested they practice together at home to improve their dancing skills.

Through their practice sessions, Billie noticed that Jack danced with the grace of a butterfly, while she excelled in energetic and lively movements. This realization made Billie understand the importance of appreciating and embracing individual strengths and abilities.

I also love how the story beautifully portrays the idea that ballet is not exclusive to girls, breaking gender stereotypes and promoting inclusivity.