These books delve into the fascinating journey of water, tracing its path from the mountains to the clouds and exploring its everyday applications. They also unveil the evolution of city development and shed light on the reasons behind the specific design of houses.


Typically, we focus on teaching our children about the water cycle, but have you ever wondered how it truly occurs? The “Water” book delves into the journey of water, from the mountains to the clouds, and its practical uses in our everyday lives.


Oh, here’s another one of my favorites. “Homes” beautifully presents the various kinds of residences found around the world. It highlights the importance of designing for different climates and living conditions.


Many children are unfamiliar with the concept of evolution. And many times the answers will be “it’s supposed to be that way”. “Town” book help them process the changes of landscape occur over time, witnessing the evolution of prehistoric settlement into thriving city our children see today.