The “Behaviour Matters” series by Sue Graves, stands as a delightful collection of books. Through their amusing storylines, these books provide an introduction for young children to the concept of choices, guiding them in decision-making and understanding the consequences of their actions.

There are 20 books in this collection. Each of these books explores different emotions and feelings which our children may face every day. The animal characters are expressive, making the emotions in the stories feel real and easy for our children to understand.

I really like how these books use relatable situations to demonstrate how our actions can result in negative consequences. It’s a powerful way to teach children about the impact of their choices.

For instance, in the book “Tiger has a Tantrum,” it explores the emotion of anger and is set within a classroom environment. Using familiar settings helps our children to relate and understand situations more deeply.

In the same story, situations like waiting for a turn and not being able to play with what he wants are relatable to our children, often triggering strong emotional responses.

Through the story, our children can see how Tiger’s tantrums affect the people around him. It’s a powerful lesson, making them empathize with the emotions of those near him.

I also appreciate how the teacher handles the situation by encouraging Tiger to make amends instead of simply telling him what to do. This approach helps our children develop critical thinking skills and learn to consider the consequences of their actions.

The Behavior Matters series has truly captured my children’s hearts. They not only connect deeply with the animal characters but also burst into laughter at their exaggerated expressions. It’s become a favorite in our home, often grabbed during our bedtime reading sessions.