In a recent chat with a friend, she shared that her child is in therapy due to struggles in recognizing emotions. This made me realize how crucial it is to help our children understand their own emotions. When our children can identify and empathize with emotions, it not only helps them in emotional regulation but also fosters empathy towards others.

What I love about “Dealing with Feelings” is how it uses simple and relatable stories to help our children grasp different emotions. This approach makes it easy for children 3+ to understand.

This Makes Me Angry

We’ve all had those days where a bunch of bad things happen, and it just makes us explode emotionally. I really like how our children can deeply connect with the situations in the stories and learn how to manage and express their feelings in healthy ways.

This Makes Me Sad

Our main character experiences the heartache of losing his beloved dog due to his own carelessness, conveying a powerful lesson about sadness. While looking for his lost dog, he encounters animals without a home, sparking a sense of compassion within him. This display of empathy adds depth to the story which teaches our children the value of understanding and caring for others who may be experiencing difficult situations. 

This Makes Me Jealous

A new classmate arrives, sparkling curiosity among the class. Our main character feels jealous as the new girl receives attention from all her friends. After talking to her teacher, the main character realized the new girl could also be struggling to adjust to her new environment. This story imparts valuable lessons to our children about embracing others, fostering new friendships, and the significance of empathy.

This Makes Me Scared

Our main character faces their first swim class. Overwhelmed by nervousness, his anxiety intensifies as water goes up their nose. Recognizing the main character’s fears, the teacher offers reassurance and stands by his side. I like how this book conveys to our children that it’s okay to feel scared and emphasizes the importance of discussing fears with a trusted adult to overcome them.

This Makes Me Happy

It’s a joy to witness our children’s happiness, but there are moments when their excitement can lead to trouble. In this story, our main character goes on a school trip to the country fair. The teacher reminds them to relax and remain seated until they reach the fair, ensuring their safety and well-being. The story highlights the importance of balancing enthusiasm and taking appropriate actions in different situations. It encourages children to channel their excitement in a responsible and safe manner.

This Makes Me Silly

Children often enjoy being silly, but they may not always realize that their actions could unintentionally hurt others. As the story unfolds, the characters engage in playful acts, unaware of potential hurt caused by their silliness. Through gentle guidance and reflection, they begin to recognize the importance of caring about how others might feel.


I really like how The “Dealing with Feelings” series beautifully captures the different emotions through relatable storylines and expressive illustrations. The stories also places great importance in seeking guidance from trusted adults and encourage our children to share their feelings and seek help when needed.