Coding with Cody uses storytelling to introduce children to the world of coding. Through engaging narratives, children discover how coding is applied in various aspects of daily life, making tasks easier and more efficient. This unique approach not only familiarizes children with the fundamentals of coding but also sparks their curiosity and imagination.

Logical Sequencing and Functions

In this story, Lily is gifted a robot named Cody for her 8th birthday. Lily learns the art of coding by using the basic command “run” to program Cody to perform specific tasks and fulfil her requests.

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In the second book, Lily explores the concept of variables in coding commands, drawing connections to real-life applications such as ATMs. By understanding variables, Lily discovers how they can be used to store and manipulate data, just like an ATM stores and retrieves banking information.

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If-then Conditions

In the third book, Lily and Logan take Cody to visit their grandmother. During their visit, Lily learns a new coding command called “If-then” that allows her to create conditional instructions. She uses this command to assist her grandmother in safely crossing the road and also to help her find misplaced items at home when she can’t remember where she put them.

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In the final book, Lily and Logan plan a surprise for their mother on Mother’s Day. They decide to clean up the house before their mother returns from buying breakfast. They come up with the idea of programming Cody to help with the cleaning tasks.

Using their newly learned coding command, Loops, Lily and Logan program Cody to keep the toys until they are all put away before it proceeds to clean the room.

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