I believe a good bedtime story should bring joy and laughter, making it a cherished part of our bedtime routine. My girls have fallen head over heels in love with Daisy stories, requesting for me to read the books repeatedly to them.

Daisy is anything but ordinary. Her quick wit and sense of humor bring sparks to every situation she encounters. Bursting with imagination, Daisy has a remarkable ability to dream up fantastical worlds and exciting adventures.

In the book “Yuck!”, she finds herself in a situation where she is expected to be a bridesmaid for her Auntie Sue. Daisy is not a fan of wearing dresses. Determined to stay true to herself, Daisy decides to design her very own dress.

In “You Do!”, the story begins with Daisy’s mom reminding her not to pick her nose. This sets off a chain of comical events where Daisy discovers her mom is actually doing all the things she told Daisy not to do. The story highlights the irony and humor in everyday situations.

Daisy hates peas. In “Eat Your Peas”, Daisy’s mom attempts to persuade her to finish the peas on her dinner plate. This led to a series of impossible promises and negotiations. As the story unfolds, it is revealed that Daisy has an ulterior motive. It turns out that Daisy actually wants her mom to finish off the Brussels sprouts, a vegetable she dislikes herself!

In the action-packed book “Super Daisy,” Daisy takes on the role of a superhero to rid the world of peas once and for all. This is the only book in the Daisy series that features flaps and pull tabs, adding an extra layer of engagement for our children. Without a doubt, this book is an absolute favorite among my girls when it comes to the Daisy series.

It was Daisy’s first time having a babysitter while her mother was away. Daisy was supposed to pass a note to the new sitter, providing instructions on what to do. However, mischievously, Daisy decides to keep the note hidden and takes advantage of the situation, persuading the sitter to let her do whatever she wants in her mother’s absence.

Daisy took on the role of a secret agent named ‘006 and a bit’. Speaking in secret codes, she went on a mission to discover other agents out there. However, much to her disappointment, nobody seemed to understand her coded messages. Just when she was about to give up on her mission, secret agent ‘0021 and a bit’ appeared and she recognises Daisy’s secret code! This story showcases the vibrant imagination of our children and highlights the supportive role her mother plays in fostering her creative adventures.

In this imaginative story, Daisy’s mom was captured by a group of elephants, while Daisy, on the other hand, is adopted by a family of tigers. Daisy learns the tigers’ unique habits and eating patterns. However, with her creative and independent spirit, Daisy decides to introduce some changes to the tiger lifestyle and takes on the role of the tiger chief. This story embraces imagination, humor, and the joy of embracing one’s individuality.

This delightful book is brimming with Daisies! It features a collection of engaging short stories that will captivate young readers. One of the stories explores how Daisy cleverly manages to retrieve her cookies from the bottom of the biscuit tin.

Another story highlights the relatable situation of a child going “floppy” whenever asked to do something, and readers can discover how Daisy’s mom creatively deals with this challenge.

See the colors Daisy invented! As you read along, encourage your children to join in the fun by inventing their own colors.

Mini activities to engage children in identifying animals

Other short stories to bring laughter to our children:

The Daisy stories are pure joy for cheeky children (just like mine!). There’s nothing more satisfying than hearing giggles and laughter filling the room when reading Daisy. Daisy’s qualities make her a role model for children, encouraging them to embrace their own unique abilities and approach life’s hurdles with creativity and determination.