Using animals to illustrate certain behaviours that children can recognise in their daily lives, the animals soon discover what happens if they continue with their behaviours/actions. What I really like about these books is that instead of telling the children what they should or should not do. They want the children to think about what they should do to ‘make things right’ and encourage them.

Our current favourite is Elephant Learns to Share

Let’s see some of the pages inside:

(Please note that pictures are only for reference, the books in this gb are SOFTCOVER)

How Elephant refuse to share anything with his friends. I love the expressions of the animals.

Love how the authors explain why Elephant should be sharing the library books because you can only read one book at one time

Elephant received a baseball and bat set as a present from his Grandma.

I really like how the game of baseball is being used as an example of why you have to work
(play) with others because in a game of baseball one needs to throw the ball and someone has to swing it back.

Show how his past behaviours/actions affects the people around him and how it affects him in return. Elephant’s friends refused to let him join in their game of baseball because he has never share anything with them and was always mean to them.

Love how he shared what’s bothering him to his Grandma and instead of telling Elephant what to do, Grandma told him to think what he can do to ‘make things right’

Elephant learns to share and realised that it is much more fun when you share

My girls really enjoyed reading this book, and when they know that there are other animals titles, they ask me to get the rest for them