This set of books is a true gem, featuring some of the most beautiful illustrations I have ever come across for children’s science books. The artwork is captivating, bringing the scientific concepts to life in a visually engaging way. Each topic is beautifully explained with clear explanations and captivating illustrations, making it a joy for both children and adults to explore.

Topics include static electricity, the water cycle, understanding refraction, and unraveling the mysteries of how bubbles work. What makes it even more special is that it includes hands-on experiments that children can do, adding an interactive element to the learning experience.

Matilda Experiences Static Electricity

Upon returning home from a birthday party, Matilda discovered something peculiar happening to her hair. Learn static electricity with Matilda as her dad explain and demonstrates about static electricity and how it can apply in various applications for practical uses in everyday life.

Experiment to try with your little one!

Emma Investigates Water

Embark on a journey with Emma as she explores and uncovers the stages of the water cycle.

Experiment to try with your little one!

Timmy Understands Refraction

Through a fishing trip, Timmy learnt about refraction in water and how it may appear shallower than it really is due to the bending of light, making it dangerous to jump in without knowing the true depth.

Experiment to try with your little one!

Audrey Plays with Bubbles

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This book is the perfect introduction to the world of bubbles and hands-on experimentation. Through storytelling and interactive activities, young readers will dive into the fascinating world of bubbles and learn about the science behind them.

With clear explanations and colorful illustrations, this book makes learning about bubbles an enjoyable and educational experience. It encourages children to explore and ask questions. This book promises hours of fun and learning for young minds.

Experiment to try with your little one!