There was a little boy who wanted to play with his new neighbor, a girl who just moved in next door. However, he was too shy to initiate a conversation with her. One day, to his surprise, the little girl walked up to him and struck up a conversation, even asking him to be her friend…

There’s a new girl who just moved in next door and the boy really likes her. But he’s shy to talk to her.

“Should I say something to her?” the boy thought to himself. But the little girl is always talking to her pet bird sitting on her shoulder each time he saw her and she didn’t even glance his way.

The boy started to think if the new girl next door didn’t want to be his friend because of how he looked. He felt like he looked weird, and someone even told him he looked like a pig.

The boy is becoming increasingly self-conscious about his appearance as others start to comment on how he looks like a bear sometimes, or a rabbit when he eats. These comments are making him feel insecure about his looks and he begins to wonder if that’s why the new girl doesn’t want to talk to him.

One day, the boy noticed that the little girl seemed troubled.

It turned out that the girl was troubled because her bird had flown away and she couldn’t find it. The boy comforted the girl by suggesting that maybe the bird went out for a walk and would be back soon, since they were good friends.

The new girl then shared that she had just moved into the neighborhood and didn’t know anyone yet. She asked if he wanted to be friends.

The boy was filled with joy when the girl asked to be friends, but he couldn’t help but wonder why she would want to be friends with him despite his appearance.

The little girl didn’t think he looked strange and told him that everyone has their unique appearance.

I really like this book. It sends a powerful message that it’s important to love and accept oneself regardless of how others perceive of us. The boy in the story was affected by how others thought of him, which made him feel insecure about his appearance. However, when the little girl accepted him for who he was and didn’t judge him based on his looks, he realized that his appearance didn’t define him. It’s a reminder for us and our kids that we should focus on our own self-image and not let the opinions of others affect us.