On the grassy plains, there is a solitary little chair. The squirrel wants to use it as a toy, the fox wants to use it as a house, and the rabbit wants to hide inside to play hide-and-seek. The little girl claims it as hers. So, whose chair is it in the end?

A small and lonely chair sits all by itself surrounded by nothing but the vast open sky. The illustrations are absolutely stunning.

A little squirrel appeared and said, “Oh, what is this? Can I have it as my toy? I found it first, you know!”

A fox came along and jumped onto the chair, exclaiming, “Wow! This is great! I will use it as my house!”

The little rabbit hopped over and said, “Wow, this thing is great! Can I hide inside it? Oops, my ears are sticking out!”

Just then, an owl flew in and said, “Even though I don’t know what this is, it’s a good thing. It’s mine! Just a little too shiny.”

All the animals began to grab at the little chair, each one insisting that the chair belonged to them.

As the animals continued to argue over who the chair belonged to, they grew so tired that they eventually fell asleep, still clutching onto the chair, each claiming it as their own.

There is a brand new house across the valley.

The little girl sat on the chair inside the house.

Oh, oh! So that’s how it’s used! But we were the ones who found it…

The animals took the chair out of the house.

It’s ours! It’s ours! We found the chair!

The next day, everyone gathered around the little chair to play together.

From a distance, the little girl spotted the animals crowding around the chair as she went out to search for it.

“I knew it!” the little girl said.

“Let us be friends!”

From that day forward, the little chair on the vast grassland became everyone’s chair.

This story is a wonderful depiction of the values of sharing, friendship, and imagination, all through the lens of childhood innocence. It captures the essence of how children see the world around them, and the beautiful illustrations bring the story to life in a way that touches the heart.